Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey hey! Youhou !!!

hey hey,

I finished to link the powerpoint. It's burned on a cd :).

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jocelyn and Vincent's work

hey hey,

I received the work of Jocelyn and Vincent. What I have to do now is to link everything together. In total, there will be 27 slides. There's a problem. To minimize the size of the powerpoint and make it more short. I'll try to rearrange the sentences to make them short and sweet. It would be more easy to read.

I have to link the slides together.

Here are some of my slides. Actually, I have 10 slides and if I have time, I will put more content :D to it. I put some of my slides to give you an idea of my work because downloading all my slides would be useless. Why put all my work on the blog if we'll give the final work soon?;-). Posted by Hello

Deleted slides

Hey hey!
Yesterday, I worked on my powerpoint. I thought of the things that could be done without having any trouble. In the entry that has the titel "Powerpoint", I said that there would a slide named 5 years ago, another one named Today, the introduction, the conclusion. It would be too difficult to make a photo without a numerical camera. But also, even if we use the camera and make developp its photos, it wouldn't be sure to finish the project on the deadline.

For theses reasons, I decided to delete thoses 4 slides and I told my teamates about the modification today at school.

The interviews will still be there, the teachers' hall of honor, the caution etc... The other things are okay in the project. Actually, I just need my teamates part. They didn't finish yet, they are working on it tonight. I hope to have not much work to do. I mean to make too much modification for the project, to make it fit with my part.

My teamates told me that they are advanced in their work, so I think that we'll finish for the deadline. :)

Monday, May 23, 2005

Honey album

The song I chose comes from that album. The album was available on november 7th 2004. For curiosity, you can see its description for a future rent at your nearest video club :P:D by Hello

Honey soundtrack- I believe- Yolanda Adams

Today, I just found a great song with so much meaning. I put the link that goes direct to an extract of the song. The extract is 2:00 and the real song is 3:43. It gives a good idea of the song.

The original song (3:43) is on the powerpoint. With the help of one of my friend, I could make the song playing for all the diaporama, from the beginning untill the end. :D :P

I chose that song because it's about believing in our dreams. Actually, every student of 5th year of high school have dreams. You can see it by reading the content of the song.

The extract's adress:«
* the link doesn't work anymore (29-05-05)

The lyrics' adress:

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Vincent's wallpaper

This is Vincent's wallpaper. He has a passion for history so to identify him, I decided to make an original wallpaper for him. Why Persians and Greece? He has once talked to me about the war where they were against each other. On the Internet, I didn't find a wallpaper with the war: Greeks vs Persians. The solution I had is to put photos of the two nationalities, The left side of the slide is reserved for his interview (his opinion about the IBO program). Posted by Hello

Jocelyn's walllpaper

This is Jocelyn's wallpaper for his slide talking about his opinion of the IBO program. In the beginning, I had some difficulties to find a wallpaper for Jocelyn. Vincent and Jocelyn really like to play games together but I didn't know the names. I thought of every moment I passed with them and I was lucky to find that Jocelyn really likes to play pocker. That's why I decided to give him that wallpaper. Posted by Hello

My wallpaper

This is the wallpaper for my slide. My slide's subject is about my opinion of the IBO program. On the Internet, I tryed to find "punchy" wallpapers. Generally, wallpapers show background of nature. Green, brown, blue... "it doesn't attract me much". Searching and searching, I found this photo below. I chose that wallpaper because I like summer and hot colors. :) When I look at it, I have a warm feeling that makes me feel good :P.
It's more joyful but also, it will be summer soon.
Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Today, I advanced my powerpoint. I still don't have news about my teamates' work.

slide4: Five years ago- on this slide, I will put a picture of Jocelyn, Vincent and me when we began high school. :), I'll try to go at one of my friend to scan the photos after school.
slide5: Today- on this slide, I will put a picture of the three of us. For that, I'll try to ask to Mrs. Johnson to take a photo of us with her numerical camera, she would put it on the portail, voûte so I can get it and put in my powerpoint.
slide6: Interview of Jocelyn Morand-Contant- his opinion about his five years in the IBO
slide 7: Interview of Vincent Lussier-Normil- same thing

Actually, I'm trying to find music, sounds that correspond to the context of our work.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Build the work gradually

Today, there's no school. I think that everyone needed a break of school. In my case, I really needed that break to work and get cash for my dress for the dance . It will explain that I don't really write much but I'll try my best when I will get some time.

Actually, the work is advancing. Even if the week of synthesis is coming, we try to balance everything. Yesterday, I talk with my teamates and they told me that they will work on their part during the weekend and monday, we will put everything together. So you can guess that I don't have news about their work. I'm sure they are working :D.

I can talk about what I done about the project. Like I said before, I began the "introduction"and the "conclusion" of the powerpoint. Today, I had time to finish the conclusion. It's more easy to do a conclusion than an introduction :P. Also, I began to make some slide for my part.
slide 1: Title of the work- Our evolution through IBO
slide 2: The schools' name we went to during our high school's years.- Poly-Jeunesse (picture) & Curé-Antoine-Labelle (picture)
slide 3: Introduction- I didn't finish it yet. I'll try to work on it during the upcoming days.
slide 8: My interview about the program IBO
slide 9:Conclusion

Other slides will come soon...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Some changes to the work plan

The powerpoint will be divided in five themes: each theme represents a year of high school. In this point of view, in each year, we put the teachers that we'll always remember. :)

1: Integration to the program
2: Miguel Irigoyen (spanish), Michel Lincourt ( history), Louise Tremblay (family economy) , Robert Bergeron (physical education)
3:Lyne Langevin (spanish) , Chrislene Pierre-Canel (english), Luc Mercier (physical education), Nicole Cossette (geography), Arié Bitton (technology)
4: Ghislain Drolet (history), Nancy Daoust (history), France Lemieux (mathematics), Sophie Dumontier (english), Jean-Paul Bellier (physical education), Marie-Josée Nagy (french)
5: Jean-Pierre Girard (physical education), Gaëtan Jean (history), Manuela Bugariu (english), Benoit Lamoureux (chemistry), Sylvie Veilleux (physic)

*this list of teachers is the final one

Actually, we are doing some researches about our subject. This is why there is no text on the blog and we will write or put documents in the upcoming days.

Vincent is doing the teachers' biographies on powerpoint.
Jocelyn is searching for photos of events we participated in the past.
I began the introduction and the conclusion of the powerpoint. Also, I began to write a text about my evolution through the IBO program.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Yesterday, we had an english class. In team, we decided to put in our movie some of our teachers during our five years of high school. We went to Poly-Jeunesse school for first and second year of high school. Following it, it's the school that we are going actually (Curé-Antoine-Labelle) untill high school 5 .

The powerpoint will be divided by five themes: each theme represent a year of high school. In this point of view, in each year, we put the teachers that we'll always keep good or bad memories.

1: Integration to the program.
2: Miguel Irigoyen (spanish), Michel Lincourt ( history), Serge Leblanc (french), François Tarrab (english)
3:Lyne Langevin (spanish), Chrislène Pierre-Canel (english), Marie-Claude Côté (mathematics), Luc Mercier (physical education), Nicole Cossette (geography), Danielle Caisse (biology), Arié Bitton (technology)
4: Ghislain Drolet (history), Nancy Daoust (history), France Lemieux (mathematics), Sophie Dumontier (english), Nancy Johnson (technology), Jean-Paul Bellier (physical education), Robert Guay (physical science and tms), Marie-Josée Nagy (french)
5: Jean-Pierre Girard (physical education), Gaëtan Jean (history), Manuela Bugariu (english), Benoit Lamoureux (chemistry)

*this list of teachers can change if it's necessary, this list isn't final

Work assignment:

Vincent and Jocelyn
Teachers' hall of honor- SOCIAL PART-INSIDE SCHOOL
-Poly-Jeunesse, Curé-Antoine Labelle

-about our teachers : identity, qualities, what we like of them etc...
ex. the list of teachers we made

Pauline: General- show our evolution ( Jocelyn, Vincent and me)- PSYCHOLOGY PART
-what's about the IBO? - text about what I learnt from that program- my evolution
introduction, conclusion

-before (high school 1 or 2) with photos
- now (high school 5) a video on us
compare the beginning and the end of high school- physical aspect evolution
- our future projects, college, our point of view on future...
- music, pictures, video etc...

Now, we have our work assignment so we can begin the work gradually during weekend.

*Lately, I'll describe more specifically in more details our work assignments. Of course, I write about what we'll have done during the weekend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Opening of this blog for a new project in english.